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What We Do

With 35 years experience in the field of management, ManwaCal, Inc. provides consulting services in five major construction fields:


  1. Project Management 

  2. Quality Control 

  3. Procurement

  4. ERP Implementation

  5. Interior Design

  6. F&B



Project Management


ManwaCal has consulted large to medium size contracting companies on how to properly manage projects. Most if not all clients have seen tremendous improvement in project development and profit.




Quality Control


ManwaCal has designed the Quality Manual of several companies. We at ManwaCal believe the success of any company hinges on properly controlling quality. ManwaCal has facilitated several companies build a quality control department, setup laboratories to check quality, and assisted companies to receive the ISO 2001:9000 certificate. 






ManwaCal assists companies on two levels when it comes to procurement. First, ManwaCal devises a proper system to log purchase requests and purchase orders. Each company has different needs when it comes to devising the right system, therefore ManwaCal will spend time with the procurement staff to properly assess which system is most applicable. Secondly, ManwaCal has a large network of suppliers located throughout the world, these suppliers are available to ManwaCal's clients. 



ERP Implementation




Interior Design


ManwaCal has assisted several clients with their interior design needs.



To receive more information on ManwaCal's consulting services, please email us today.


Manwacal is constantly looking to bring new products in the F&B industry to different parts of the world.

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